Tax is a fact of life! From private individuals to businesses, from the biggest multinational to the SME – tax is always present. However, non-compliance has huge risks and implications to a company or an individual’s reputation and future.

We help you to understand your role and responsibilities as part of tax compliance and to navigate through complex tax issues.

We find opportunities for you to build personal finances as part of wealth-management and tax planning.

For the individual, tax applies at nearly all stages of life: the first job, the entrepreneurial endeavour, employment, pension, gifts and inheritances from family and friends, disposals of assets, investments and your own inheritance planning. In all instances, tax can have a significant financial impact.

For a business, tax applies at all stages of the life cycle: start up, expansion, regression and cessation.

Why choose KSi Faulkner Orr?

• Our dedicated tax team provides personable and efficient services to help you understand ever-evolving tax laws.
• We offer commercial, practical advice tailored to your needs as we know that one size does not fit all.
• We work hard to ensure that all of our clients benefit from the tax reliefs available to them in order to ensure that they pay no more tax than is due.
• Through a close working relationship we ensure all relevant tax opportunities are availed of to help your business succeed and monitor deadlines to meet compliance obligations.
• Through our international association with Morison Global we can offer global tax opportunities.

How we can help

Personal Tax

Our team can offer practical advice when it comes to making strategic decisions for the future, be it whether to act as a sole trader, incorporate to a company or how to plan for their retirement. We also offer;

  • Tax compliance services including income tax, PAYE, partnership, Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT), estate, trust and stamp duty returns.
  • Tax planning and consultancy services involving residency, retirement, property transactions, succession planning and profit extractions.
  • Assistance with Revenue enquiries, disclosures, audits and tax appeals.

Corporate Tax

Our team can advise you right throughout the lifecycle of your business – from startup reliefs, through expansion opportunities and finally to succession planning. We also offer;

  • Preparation of company tax returns under all tax heads
  • Advice on tax reliefs and allowances available
  • Assistance with Revenue aspect queries, enquiries, disclosures and audits
  • Employment tax – for both the local and internationally mobile workforce. Together with our Payroll team we are well-equipped to advise on employee benefits, pensions, tax-free payments, termination and redundancy payments


Daragh O'Shaughnessy - KSi Faulkner Orr

Daragh O’Shaughnessy