Payroll Updates 2022 - KSI Faulkner Orr

Payroll updates for 2022

End of year process for PAYE employees

Instead of a P60, from January each year employees have access to an Employment Detail Summary for the previous tax year through myAccount which is accessible through the ‘Review your tax’ link in PAYE services.

Employees and Revenue’s myAccount service

PAYE taxpayers can now access details of their total pay and statutory deductions on a real time basis.

They can:

  • manage and update their tax records
  • register or cease their job or pension 
  • create a pdf with pay and tax details
  • request a Statement of Liability for the appropriate year
  • see if there is a refund of tax due

Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS)

This scheme is an economy-wide enterprise support for eligible businesses in respect of eligible employees which focuses primarily on business eligibility. The scheme provides a flat-rate subsidy to qualifying employers based on the numbers of eligible employees on the employer’s payroll and gross pay to employees. There are currently around 40,900 employers registered for EWSS. Since EWSS was introduced in 2020 approximately €4.5bn in subsidies have been paid out by Revenue to 51,200 employers in respect of 645,700 employees. Those employers who were eligible and availing of EWW on 31st December 2021 continue to be eligible until 30th April 2022, assuming their tax clearance is kept up to date.

Statutory Sick Pay to be introduced early 2022

The Government has announced a new Statutory Sick Pay Scheme which will make it mandatory for employers in Ireland to provide Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) for employees. The Sick Pay Scheme aims to ensure that every worker in the private sector will have the security and peace of mind of knowing that if they fall ill and miss work, they will not lose out on a full day’s pay.

The draft scheme will introduce:

  • Paid sick leave for up to 3 sick days in 2022. This is planned to increase to 5 days in 2023, 7 days in 2024 and 10 days in 2025.
  • A rate of payment for statutory sick leave of 70% of normal wages to be paid by employers (up to a maximum €110 per day).
  • A right for workers to take a complaint to the WRC where they are not provided with a company sick pay scheme.

To be entitled to paid sick leave under the new scheme, you must be working for your employer for at least 6 months. You will also need to be certified by a GP as unfit to work.

Legislation to bring the changes into effect is expected in early 2022.