We are only as good as our team. That’s why at KSi Faulkner Orr we believe it is vital to ensure we provide a positive environment which allows our staff to feel appreciated, challenged, encouraged and rewarded.

Our offering:

  • Gain experience in all aspects of business
  • Access to a wide range of clients in a multitude of sectors so there’s always an opportunity to learn
  • On-the-job training working with peers in real life situations
  • Support with training and exams
  • Opportunity to develop a firm career path
  • Continuing professional development at all levels
  • Flexible working arrangements

We are one of the original members of the Thursday Network Group (TNG), a group of accounting firms in Dublin of similar size. The TNG come together on a monthly basis to discuss topical issues faced by practices and the accounting profession as a whole. A groupwide induction course is run by TNG each year for the new trainees in each firm and the fundamentals of accounting, auditing and tax are covered.