Audit & Assurance

Some companies are required to have an audit carried out for statutory reasons (company size), due to stakeholder requirements (e.g bank, funders, shareholders) or as a constitutional requirement.

While audits can be seen as a burden, there are many benefits to having an audit carried out:

  • An audit provides assurance to your stakeholders and potential investors that the financial statements present a true and fair view of the results.
  • An audit, while not designed to uncover fraud and error, it is considered to be a legitimate deterrent.
  • An audit can identify areas of weakness in internal controls which allow us to recommend effective solutions.

Our Audit team has vast experience in carrying out both statutory and non-statutory audits. This experience has allowed us to develop an audit approach that focuses on our understanding of your business and your needs in the most efficient manner.

Companies that meet certain criteria can avail of audit exemption. This does not eliminate the obligation to prepare financial statements though.

We can assist you with your obligations to prepare statutory financial statements, in accordance with financial reporting standards and company law. Using the most up-to-date software and checks, we can use your records to produce fully compliant financial statements.

Why choose KSi Faulkner Orr?

• We can ensure your audit is managed in an efficient and cost-effective manner, in order for it be a smooth and painless process.
• We work closely with our clients to provide added value – the work carried out during our audit allows us to provide analysis and recommendations to you which are relevant and practical for your business and the markets in which you operate.
• We use our expertise to identify risk and any weaknesses in the internal controls and advise on the impact of these to the company’s finances and environment.
• Our team are fully committed to ensuring that our clients comply with all legal reporting obligations – and we strive to ensure the timely delivery of relevant information.

How we can help


  • Statutory audit
  • Pension scheme audits
  • Internal audit
  • Grant audit
  • Auditors statement for community employment schemes


  • Law Society accountant’s report
  • Property services regulatory authority accountants report
  • Statutory Duty Confirmation as required by Central Bank


Emma Delaney - KSI Faulkner

Emma Delaney

Head of Audit